The Digital PRPP Scoring sheet (DPS)

Order the Digital PRPP Scoring sheet (DPS)

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The Digital PRPP Scoring sheet (DPS) has been developed by to make the administration of a PRPP observation easier and faster. It can be very helpfull with the debriefing of the observation and making reports.

This digital version has been fully modified for easy use on your computer. Many changes were made in lay-out and functionality: All percentage scores are displayed automatically and a reminder for the definition of each descriptor is easily accessible. It’s possible to record up to five tasks and there is a summary sheet with all scores and two graphs.

The Digital PRPP Scoring sheet is available exclusively at It’s only available for PRPP skilled occupational therapist (when ordering you will be asked to send a copy of the course certificate). The use of the Digital PRPP Scoresheet is licensed to one individual user only. It is not allowed to reproduce or distribute this file.

Demo video

To get a first impression of the DPS go see this demo:
(Video example made with the Dutch version of the DPS)


  • How to order the Digital PRPP Scoring sheet?

    Use the orderlink below. You will be redirected to our store where you can order and pay for the form. After we have processed your payment we will send you the Digital PRPP Scoring sheet (a Microsoft Excel file) by email.
    In case you want to order multiple DPS's please contact us so we can send an invoice.
  • How much does the Digital PRPP Scoring sheet costs?

    It's available for 45 euro for one license. This includes life-time updates.
  • How many PRPP users also use the DPS?

    In The Netherlands more than 60% of the PRPP trained OT's have the DPS.
  • Does this version has the approvel of Chris Chapparo and Judy Ranka?

    Yes. They are fully aware of our work and asked for this English version themselves.
  • Why do I need to send a copy my course certificate?

    To prevent unwanted use by non PRPP skilled OT's or students to guarantee the reliabilty and quality of the PRPP.
  • Why is the DPS licensed to one OT?

    To prevent unwanted use of the DPS it's licensed exclusively to the OT that ordered the DSP. It's not allowed for other OT's to use the DPS except for the one's name is on the DPS. They need to order their own version of the DPS.
  • Is there a manual available?

    Yes. The DPS has an included written manual. There is also a video tutorial. If you have any questions about the DPS you can always contact by using the contactform or leave a message at the PRPP forum.
  • What do I need to use the DPS?

    You need an offline version of Microsoft Excel. In 2024 we hope to launch an online version that will work in any browser.

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