Cotec-Enothe 2021

Van 15 t/m 18 september vindt het 2e Cotec-Enothe congres plaats. Gepland in Praag, maar nu volledig online.
Er zijn meerdere PRPP gerelateerde posters, lezingen en workshops:

15 september:
– Esther Jansen: Work ability after acquired brain injury – A workspace PRPP@work diagnosis followed by customized guidance. Parallel Session 5, 13:05 – 13:50
– Marieke Lindenschot: The PRPP-Assessment through the use of video material: what challenges do we encounter? Parallel Session 11, 14:11
– Dr Christine Chapparo: Effective cognitive strategy intervention with children who demonstrate reduced social-emotional skills and resilience during school social interactions. Parallel Session 26, 16:55

16 september:
– Dr Christine Chapparo: “Living Demands of Today: Children’s Perspective”. OR simply “The Living Demands of Today”. Keynote Session 3, 09:35-10.20
– Dr Christine Chapparo: Strengths and difficulties impacting resilience needed for community re-entry in long stay mental health inpatients. Workshop 10.30
– Dr Judy Ranka: Measuring in-task arm and hand use after stroke: The Upper Limb Performance Assessment (ULPA). Poster Showcase 7, 11:26
– Dr Judy Ranka: Role-Based Rehabilitation: A novel interdisciplinary service delivery model for practice. Parallel Session 33, 11:34
– Melissa Nott: Occupation-based coaching to enhance cognitive strategy use and occupational performance. Parallel Session 42, 14:15
– Jochen Bilderbeek en Remco Klopper: Implementation of PRPP in The Netherlands: Lessons learned. Poster Showcase 12, 17:01

17 september:
– Linda Stigen: The power of observation. Occupational therapists’ experiences of doing observations when assessing people with cognitive impairments. Parallel Session 55, 09:45
– Linda Stigen: Implementation of the Perceive, Recall, Plan and Perform system of analysis and intervention among occupational therapists in community services. Parallel Session 78, 15:15


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